Points de rencontre Citybird

Motorcycle taxi: our meeting points

If you do not find your driver, here is the list of meeting places avec votre chauffeur moto aux aéroports et gares de Paris.

Orly 1&2
Level "arrivals" - Door 18A Take the walkway to "Professional Parking"

Orly 3
Level "arrivals" - Take the walkway to "Professional Parking"

Orly 4
Rail-hailing service Zone - Arrival Court - Orly 2 (Door L)

Roissy Terminal 1
Professional Parking in front of Door 4 - Departure level

Roissy Terminaux 2A – 2B
Professional parking terminal A or B, elevator - Exit level 0

Roissy Terminaux 2C – 2D
Professional parking terminal C or D, elevator - Exit level 0

Roissy Terminal 2E – 2F
Professional parking - Arrival level - In front of Doors 15 - 16 - 17

Roissy Terminal 2G
Ahead of taxi station

Roissy Terminal 3
Door Arrivals - Ahead of Taxi station 

Gare de Lyon 
Exterior of the station under the Clock Tower in front of the Mercure hotel entrance

Gare de Bercy
Entrance of the train station

Gare Montparnasse
Boulevard Vaugirard - Down the elevators

Gare Vaugirard (Montparnasse 3)
Rue du Cotentin in front of the taxi station 

Gare du Nord
Main entrance in front of Mcdonalds

Gare Saint Lazare
Ahead of Taxi station - Rue intérieur – Cour de Rome

Gare de l’Est 
In front of the grid, in front of the bus station

Gare d’Austerlitz
Cour d’arrivée – Boulevard Hôpital

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