Frequently Asked Questions

My reservation

The Felix Citybird subscription is not mandatory for booking rides, the only condition is to have a Felix Citybird account, then you need to log into your account to be able to make your reservations.

The subscription s interesting if you travel a lot or if several members of a company use Felix Citybird. Do not hesitate to contact our business development team.

On the Internet or on your mobile, you can book your trips 24/7.

You can book calling our agents : +3301 80 20 50 10
- Monday to Friday from 7 am to 10 pm
Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays from 4pm to 10 pm

Our partner drivers can make trips at any time, but there are price increases during peak hours, at night, on weekends and on public holidays.

We cannot take into account a reservation made with your driver, you must reserve your trip on our website, our application or by phone.

We do not accept reservation requests by e-mail.

Several channels are available to make a reservation:

Once your reservation is complete, an e-mail will be sent to you automatically, confirming the reservation and summarizing the details of your journey: pick-up address, arrival address, pick-up time, etc.

If you do not receive this email, please contact us at so that we can remedy the situation.

You can also find all your future trips in your customer area, so you can easily check that your reservation has been taken into account.

Our two solutions for booking your trip:

 Immediate ride You can book an immediate ride, that is within the 25 minutes after the booking. This is practical for last minute booking, however to make sure you a driver is available it is best to book in advance if you can.

Bookind in advance : Booking early insure you to have an available driver at the time you want. You can book a ride in advance at any time on your mobile app or by calling us durings ournopening hours.

There is no limit to book a ride in advance

On our website or on your mobile app, you can change or cancel your ride within a few clicks. If your mofidication / cancellation is for a ride in advance that is planed for more than one hour before the pick-up and less than five minutes after the reservation in the case of an immediate booking, no fee will be charged.

You can also modify or cancel your ride calling us +3301 80 20 50 10) :
- Monday to Friday from 7 am to 10 pm
Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays from 4pm to 10 pm

We do not accept modification or cancelation request by e-mail.

Our cancellation conditions are:

Cancelling a ride in advance

  • Pour une annulation entre 59 et 45 minutes avant l’heure de prise en charge, une retenue de 75% du montant de la course sera faite. 
  • For a cancellation less than 45 minutes before the pick-up time, or if the passenger does not come, the ride will be charged entirely. 

Cancelling an immediate ride:

  • No fee will be charge for a cancellation less than 5 minutes after the booking 
  • Pour une annulation plus de 5 minutes après la commande et/ou dans le cas de non présentation du passager, une retenue forfaitaire sera faite sur le montant du trajet en voiture (5 € pour un scooter électrique, 30 pour un scooter, 45 € pour une moto, 15€ pour une Berline, 30€ pour un Van).

* Please note that cases of modification of a race within the hour preceding the pick-up will give rise to a deduction as specified above. To make a last minute change, we recommend that you call our booking platform at +33 01 80 20 50 10 to validate its feasibility and thus avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Our fare simulator offers you an estimated journey time on the based on past journeys made by our partner drivers.

If in doubt, you can also write to us, we will be happy to advise you

Our service may be in lack of availability, especially during peak hours. If the application notifies you during your reservation that there is no driver available, do not hesitate to call us on +33 as recommended by the notification, it is sometimes possible to have place despite the notification sent.


Yes, you can book for another passenger. In you personnal space, you can add one or several passengers. Name, Last name, cell phone number and email will be needed so the passenger is informed about the ride and the SMS when the driver is arrived is sent. You can also add several credit cards on your account so the rides can be charged to the passenger.

Click on Option on the booking pafe and then add / or select the passenger for the ride.

It is possible to drive passengers under 18 if they at least measure 1,30 meter. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can take security measures.

The 2 euros are only a simple bank authorization to check the sufficient supply of your bank account. You will only be debited from the amount of your journey, after the journey.

First of all be sure to enter the card numbers and the correct cryptogram (the 3 digits on the back of your card (visa and mastercard) or the 4 digits on the front when it comes to an American Express. Your bank account balance may be insufficient. If necessary, do not hesitate to contact our customer service directly.

On your account page, on your profile / name you have access to the payment tab on which you can add as many credit cards as you want.

My price

Please visit our notre page de réservation de taximoto and enter your depture and arrival adresses. Then chose the type of vehicle and options as well as the pick-up time and you will get the price of the ride.

For a motorcycle, we offer 10 free minutes (20 minutes at aeroports). After tha waiting fees are 1 € per minute.

For a Berlin or a Van, we offer a free waiting time of 5 minutes from the pick-up time (10 minutes for pick-up at an airport). Beyond this free waiting period, you are charged waiting costs of € 0.6 / minute for a sedan race or € 0.7 / minute for a Van race.

We request you to enter your train / flight number while booking and to choose a time interval between the landing and the pick-up time.

At aiports, we advise you to add:
- 15 minutes if your flight comes from inside the Schengen space
- 30 minutes if your flight comes from outside the Schengen space
And add +15 minutes if you have a checked luggage.

A tool informs automatically inn real time of the arrival estimated time of your train / flight. The pick-up is updated accordingly. You are not charged for delayed train / flight (up to the limits of the interval of time chosen + the free waiting delay). Your driver will also be there waiting for you if you train or flight is advanced.

For motorcycle and Maxi scooter rides, if your driver is late for your pick-up we offer you a "Ponctuality Guarantee" that is apply after 10 minutes (1 € by minute).

If you are a frequent user of our services or if various members of your company use Felix Citybird for their rides, contact us to take a subscription prepayed or end of month payment contrat) that will offer you more services and discounts.

My ride

A text message is sent to you when your driver arrived at the pick-up location. You will as well receive his plate number and his phone number in case you need to contact him.

You can find your pick-up places at train stations in airport on these pages: Motorcycle taxi: our meeting points et Hailing service meeting point 

A link to your meeting point is also sent before your ride
- In the email booking confirmation
- In the text messafe you receive when your driver arrives.

Your driver will equip you with a fitting helmet, a winf jacket, gloves and will supply an hygiene kit.

In case of bas weather, a rain jacket, a rain apron and overboots will allow you to commute dry.

 Motos Taxis are ideal for business travelers, they can carry a carry-on bag (about 10kg) and a small bag or computer bag. If you travel with a bigger suitcase (checked bag for isntance) you can chose this option when you book to make sure you ride on a motorcycle equipped with a luggage-rack (extra + 15 €).

ATTENTION : un chauffeur peut refuser d’assurer la course si le bagage est trop important ou trop lourd pour garantir votre sécurité à bord du véhicule.

En scooter, votre chauffeur ne peut prendre en charge qu’un bagage cabine ainsi qu’un petit sac ou une mallette ordinateur.

You can book your vehicule to go and wait at your disposal, on a hour, ,half-day or day basis Please contact our

It is also possible to validate your trip with an intermediate stop between the departure address and the arrival address (with a maximum wait of 15 minutes).

For events, it is possible to reserve several vehicles: you just need to request a quote from our sales department .

With some exception, no. the payment is made automatically with credit card or with your subscription your company signed. The debit is made after the ride. On some specific case we can allow on board payment. However you can tip your driver. 

Vous pouvez en revanche donner un pourboire à votre chauffeur.

After my ride

You will receive your bill automatically by email after your ride.

All you bills are available on your customer space, to find it:
- Take your username and password and login into website is optimized on Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox, please use this navigators if you can.
- Click on the dropdown menu above your name in blue in top top right hand corner.
Select "my rides", the dashboard of your former and future ride opens.
- Click on former rides to display your finished rides line by line
For each ride, a bill is available to download clicking on the "PDF" icon.

If have subscribed (see our subscriptions) the bill with all your rides is sent on a monthly basis.

We are engaged in improvement approachto offer our customers a great quality of service. We will always be happy to reveive any positive feedback about our service and will take into account if our service did not meet your expectations in order it does not happen again.

You can either:
- Rate us and give us your comment about your finished ride in your customer space (in "My ride" in our website or in your mobile app).
- Email us at

The amount of the ride is debited 48h after your ride. If your bill is not consitent with your ride as planed as our terms and conditions, please email us at

You can have several credit card on your account.

To modify your payment informations in your customer personal space:
– In our website please vite our website, login to your accounton your personal space (in the top right hand corner) then in the payment section, you can delete, or add credit cards.
 In you mobile app : log in and click on the meny, go to "My profile" and add credit card, you can add one or several credit cards and delete your current payment method.

Do not hesite to call us if you need help, we will go over this procedure together.

Our banking system (Adyen) crypts yur credit card data and give us a code associate with it. We d not have access to you credit card data.

During the booking an authorization of debit is sent to your bank to make sure your card is valid. This authorisation is not a payment.

In case yoour book a ride more than 7 days in advance, several authorisations can be made.

The payment is made after the ride is finished.

Airports and stations

When booking your ride with a pick-up from the airport or train station, you can enter your flight or train number . Associating this number with your rise will allow the driver to follow the progress of the plane or train and thus adapt in case of advance or delay, this allows us not to charge any unnecessary waiting fees. If, however, you do not have your flight or train number at the time of booking, you can communicate it to us later by telephone on +, or by sending us an email at or directly via our mobile app by adding the number in comment.  

To allow quick pick-up at the station, meeting points have been set up depending on the stations and airports.


You have different possibilities to send us your flight or train number: 

  • Via the mobile app when booking where the number is requested when the pick-up is at the station or at the airport. You can also fill it in later when the race is booked in the "my upcoming trips" tab and add it as a comment to your ride. 
  • On our website, by logging into your account and going on your future rides, you will be able to find all your journeys and add your flight or train number in the commentary on your ride. 
  • Sending us an email at with the number and the departure of your flight or train, we will add it for you 
  • Or directly by phone at, we will make the modification and send you the confirmation email with the apparent train or flight number. 
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