Your motorcycle taxi at Gare du Nord train station

La Gare Montparnasse is the lighthouse on the left bank for lovers of the open sea wishing to go and feel the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and breathe the Breton spray. more seriously, it is the nerve point of arrival in Paris from the major cities of the greater West region.

Bordeaux, Rennes, Nantes, Biarritz, Toulouse are less than 3 hours from the capital, practical for organizing a weekend, setting up professional meetings or even taking advantage of a promotional flight from a Paris airport.

To keep all the advantages of arriving quickly in Paris, remember to book your motorcycle taxi at Montparnasse station and do not waste any minute of your Parisian stay.

You do not yet know the motorcycle taxi service, here are the good reasons to adopt us.

Because public transport and cars are not always your friend

Montparnasse station is served by 4 metro lines (no RER station) and 10 bus lines. If you are not in a hurry, it is an economical solution to reach the major stations and high places in Paris but:

  • take into account very long connecting corridors ,
  • only line 4 will take you directly to the east and north stations for around 40 minutes,
  • to reach Paris airports via the RER, you will have to go through Châtelet-les Halles , a sprawling station if there is one, or rely on shuttles by bus but with transport time of at least 1 hour.

When Paris and Ile-de-France traffic can make you lose your temper

Professional meeting therefore important, in transit with luggage, allergic to subway corridors, you opted for the comfort of a sedan and you thought you had made the right choice until the dense and stressful Parisian traffic did not catch in his nets.

You had counted a journey of about thirty minutes to reach La Défense or Roissy and you are now anxiously scrutinizing your watch and the counter, in addition to seeing the price of the race soar, you are no longer so sure to arrive on time for your appointment.

Taxi is comfortable, but not during rush hour.

When a mode of transport adapts perfectly to your needs

Choosing a motorcycle taxi as a mode of transport means first taking advantage of immediate care when you leave the station; no running in the metro corridors, no waiting time in the taxi queue, your driver is waiting for you and after having equipped you for your protection during the journey (safety helmet, protective jacket and gloves, raincoat, apron long and over-boots in bad weather), you reach your meeting place without further delay .

It is an optimized journey time and budget thanks to the flexibility offered by traffic on two wheels which no traffic jams can resist but also because our team of drivers is experienced in Parisian traffic.

Are you hesitating?

  • Our vehicles are selected for their stability and comfort
  • We can take care of cabin baggage less than 10kg and with prior reservation heavier baggage
  • Our drivers comply with all road traffic safety rules and our company is the first to be ISO 9001 certified
  • Choisir un taxi moto vous offre le meilleur rapport temps de trajet / budget

Do not hesitate, download our application to simulate your journey and book your motorcycle taxi.