Moto taxi

Your motorcycle taxi at Orly Airport

To the south of Paris, Orly is the second largest airport in France and handles nearly 30 million passengers every year from and to the main French cities and overseas departments and territories and a selection of destinations in Europe, the Maghreb and the Middle East.

Heavy traffic to reach the capital leads many travelers to abandon taxis and buses to refer to the rail network but with the disadvantage of several changes between the OrlyVal shuttle then the RER and finally the metro for get to its destination.

Book a motorcycle taxi in Orly is the solution that allows you to return to the capital without more waiting at your exit from the terminal and if you are not familiar with traffic on 2 wheels, follow the guide and get ready to download our app for your next trip!

Optimized travel time to deal with all emergencies

Reaching the center of Paris from Orly will take you on average around thirty minutes whatever the mode of transport -you select - excluding bus lines for which it takes an average time of 60 minutes. So why choose a motorcycle taxi?

Because once your baggage has been collected, if necessary, you will just have to meet your driver at your meeting point, maximum 10 minutes to add to the journey time.

Meanwhile, other travelers will spend on average

  • 20 to 30 minutes to collect a transport ticket to take the Orlyval shuttle and manage connections between RER and metro,
  • 15 to 25 minutes to reach the bus station , wait for the next shuttle and then manage a metro connection,
  • Excluding the reservation of a private driver or a rate increase for a reservation during rush hour of a Parisian taxi, 20 to 60 minutes in the queue reserved for taxis .

Do you still have a doubt? The flexibility of driving a 2-wheeler makes it possible to cope with all traffic jam situations!

Parce qu'avec un taxi moto Citybird riment avec confort et sécurité

Vous arrivez de Bordeaux ou Marseille pour un rendez-vous professionnel ? Vous n?êtes pas habitué au trajet en 2 roues ? Nous avons pensé à tout !

A votre prise en charge, nos chauffeurs de taximoto, tous expérimentés, vous remettront un casque de sécurité à votre taille, un blouson et des gants de protection avec kit d?hygiène.

If the weather is bad long raincoat, apron and over boots will complete your outfit, everything is done to make sure you get to your appointment.

You still have a doubt? Our motorcycles have a heated seat and are very comfortable.

Security of payment and transparency of the journey, quality customer service so that you are serene in all circumstances

Rapide à installer et gratuite, l?application pour réserver votre taxi moto à Orly vous permet d?avoir une estimation de votre temps de trajet, de suivre votre réservation et d?effectuer le paiement avec votre carte bancaire en toute sécurité.

L?intégration de votre numéro de vol dès la réservation permet à votre chauffeur d?être alerté en cas de retard et de vous attendre à votre point de rendez-vous taxi moto Orly sans que vous ayez à faire quoi que ce soit.


Vous avez encore un doute ? Nous sommes la première compagnie de moto taxi certifiée ISO 9001.