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Frequently Asked Questions



Do I have to suscribe to Citybird to book a trip ?

No. Anyone can book a race, you just have to create a customer account on our website or on our mobile application by entering your last name, your first name, your e-mail address, your phone number and choosing a password.You will then have to add your credit card and you will be able to order your first race !

abonnements Citybird are interesting if you use to travel or if several employees of your company use our services.

Can I book my trip anytime ?

Online or on your phone, you can book your trip 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If you wish to book by phone, our switchboard (0 826 100 100, 0,15€ TTC/min) is at your disposal :
– from Monday to Friday from 7am to 10pm
– Saturday from 8am to 8pm
– Sundays and holidays from 4pm to 10pm

Our partner drivers can make trips at anytime, but tariff surcharges exist in full hours, at night, on weekends or on holidays.

Can I book my return trip or another trip directly with the driver who transported me ?

We cannot take into account a booking made with yourdriver, You have to book your trip on our website, our application or by phone.

Can I book my trip by e-mail ?

We don’t accept booking by e-mail. Several channels are available to make a booking :
– You can connect to your customer space with your personal ID, by www.city-bird.com (Booking section)
– You can use our dedicated application (iOS and Android)
– You can also call our booking center at 0 826 100 100 (in week from 7am to 10pm, Saturday from 8am to 8pm, Sunday and holidays from 4pm to 10pm, 0,15€ ttc / min)
– For our international customer , a specific phone number is available at +33 1 58 82 29 11.

How can be sure that my booking has been taken into account ?

Once your reservation is complete, an e-mail will be sent to you automatically, confirming the reservation and summarizing the details of your trip: pick-up address, arrival address, pick-up time, etc.

If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact us atinfos@city-bird.com so that we can remedy the situation.

You can also find all your future trips in your customer space, so you can easily check that your reservation has been taken into account.

How long in advance do I need to book my trip

Our fleet allows, according to availabilities, to obtain a vehicle in less than 25 minutes in Paris. However, we recommend that you book in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak hours (7am to 10am and 5pm to 8pm.
There is no time limit to book a trip in advance.

How can I change or cancel my route ?

Online or on our mobile application, you can modify or cancel your trip in a few clicks in your customer space. If the modification / cancellation takes place more than an hour before the pick up time for a trip ordered in advance and less than five minutes after the order in the case of an immediate race, no charge will be made.

You can also modify or cancel your journey by calling our phone switchboard (0 826 100 100, 0,15€/min) :
– from Monday to Friday from 7am to 10pm
– Saturday from 8am to 8pm
– Sundays and holidays from 4pm to 10pm

We don’t accept requests for cancellation or modification of trip by e-mail.

Is the cancellation of my trip charged ?


Our cancellation policy is as follows:


cancellation of a trip in advance*:

  • For a cancellation between 60 and 45 minutes before the pick-up time, a 50% deduction of the amount of the race will made (within a limit of 15€ for a Sedan, 30€ for a Van, 30€ for scooter and 45€ for motorbike). 
  • For a cancellation less than 45 minutes before the pick-up time and/or in the case of no-show of the passenger, the trip is fully invoiced. 

Cancellations of a trip in “as soon as possible”:

  • For a cancellation less than 5 minutes after the order, no billing. 
  • For a cancellation more than 5 minutes after the order and/or in the case of no-show of the passenger, a lump sum will be deducted on the amount of the journey (15€ for a Sedan, 30€ for a Van, 30€ for a Scooter and 45€ for a Motorbike)


* Please note that cases of modification of a trip within the hour preceding the pick-up will give rise to a deduction as specified above. To make a last-minute modification, we recommend that you call our booking platform on 0826 100 100 to validate the feasibility and thus avoid any unpleasant surprise.

Can Citybird provide me with an estimate of travel time ?

Our tariff simulator offers . you an estimate of travel time on the basis of past journeys made by our drivers.

In case of doubt, you can also send us an e-mail, we would be delighted to advise you.


How can I know the price of a trip ?

Just go to our booking page and enter your departure address and your arrival address. Then choose the type of vehicle, the possible options and the pick-up time you wish and you will get the price of the trip.

Is the wait of my driver at the pick-up location charged ?

In the case of a Motorcycle or Scooter trip, we offer a free 10 minutes delay from the pick-up time (20 minutes in case of pick-up at airport). Beyond this free waiting time, a waiting fee is charged at a rate of 1€ per minute.

In the case of Sedan or Van trip, we offer a free waiting time of 5 minutes from the pick-up time (20 minutes in case of pick-up at airport). Beyond this free waiting time, you will be charged a fee of 0,6€/minute for a Sedan trip or 0,7€/minute for a van.

Am I charged in case of my flight or my train delay ?

For a booking, we ask you to enter your flight or train number and choose interval between the arrival of your train / landing of your plane and the time of the pick-up.

In the case of a pick-up at an airport, we advise you to add your landing time :
– 15 minutes if your flight is from the Schengen space
– 30 minutes if your flight is outside the Schengen space
Add an extra 15 minutes if you have a luggage in the hold

A tool informs us in real time of the expected time of arrival of your flight or train, the pick-up time adapts itself and our driver is warned. So you don’t pay any fees in case of delay (within the interval chosen in booking + free waiting time) and your driver will be there on arrival even if your flight or train is in advance.

Am I compensated in case of delay of my driver ?

For trips in Motorcycles Taxi and Maxi Scooter, in case of delay of our driver for the pick-up, we offer you a « punctuality guarantee » which is applied from 10 minutes delay (1€ per minute).

How do I get discounts on my trips ?

If you are a regular user of our services or if several employees of your company use Citybird for their trips, you can subscribe a contract subscription (prepaid payment or end of month billing) which will give you access to more services and will also give rise to tariff discounts.


Am I warned of the arrival of the driver ?

A text message is sent to you when your driver has arrived at the pick -up point. This text message mentions the name of your driver, the license plate of his vehicle and his phone number so that you can contact him if necessary.

Where can I find my driver for a pick-up at train station or airport ?

You can find the pick-up locations at each train station and airport terminals on the pages Motorbike Taxi meeting points and VTC meeting points of our website

A link to your meeting points is also communicated to you several times before your trip :
– In the confirmation e-mail that you receive after making your reservation
– In the text message that you receive at the arrival of your driver

For a trip in Motorcycle Taxi or Maxi scooter, do I have to wear a specific suit depending on the weather ?

For the pick-up, your driver will equip you with a helmet at your size, a protective jacket and gloves, and will provide you a hygiene kit.

In case of bad weather, a long raincoat, a long apron as well as overboots will allow you to be warm and dry throughout the trip.

Which kind of luggage can I carry on me in Moto Taxi and Maxi Scooter ?

Motorcycles Taxis of Citybird are designed for business travelers : they can carry a “cabin” luggage (about 10kgs) as well as a small bag or a computer briefcase. If you are traveling with a larger luggage (hold luggage for example), you can select the «luggage bulk or more than 15kg» option to be transported by a motorcycle equipped with a luggage rack (extra cost of 15 €).

ATTENTION : A driver can refuse to make a trip if the luggage is too large or too heavy to ensure your safety during the trip.

En scooter, your driver can only carry one cabin bag and a small bag or a computer case.

I need the driver to wait for me to make several trips with me, how do I process ?

You just have to book your vehicle in the form of an hourly, half-day or day-long availability.

For events, it is possible to book several vehicles : just ask for a quote at our sales department.

Do I have to pay the driver at the end of the trip ?

Unless exception, no. Payment is made automatically by debit of the credit card that you have registered at the registration or by means of thesubscriptions that your company has subscribed. The sampling is carried out at the end of the trip.

For specific cases, payment on board is allowed.

On the other hand, you can give a tip to your driver.


How do I get my invoice ?

You will receive your invoice automatically by e-mail at the end of the trip.

All your invoices are available on your customer space, to access :
– keep your ID number and log in in your customer space www.city-bird.com. (Our website is optimized for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox, prefer these browsers as much as possible)
– Click on the drop-down menu below your first name in the blue cartridge in the upper right corner.
– Select “my trips”, the dashboard of your past and future courses opens.
– Click on “old courses” to display your past journeys line by line.
– For each trip, an invoice is available by download and clicking on the “PDF” icon.

If you are subscriber (see our subscriptions), the corresponding invoice to all trips made are sent to your accounts monthly.

I have comments to make on my trip, how can communicate them ?

We are committed to continuous improvement in order to guarantee to our customers an optimal quality of service. We are always happy to get positive feedback on our service and we always take your comments into account when you think that the service has not met your expectations in order to do every possible things to prevent this from happening again.

To give us your feedback, you can :
– Leave a note and a comment following your trip in your customer space (section « My trips » on our application or our website)
– Contact us at : infos@city-bird.com

I contest the invoice, what should I do ?

The amount of a trip is only debited 48 hours after it has been completed: If you believe that the invoice does not comply with our general conditions of sale, you simply have to write us at infos@city-bird.com and we will process your request.

I want to change the credit card number that is used to set my routes, how do I do it ?

It is possible to add multiple credit card to the same customer account.

You can change your payment information in your customer space :
On our website : Visit city-bird.com, log in, Go to your customer space (top right of the page), then in the payment section, you can delete your credit card or add one or more new ones.
On our application : log in, click on the menu icon at the top left of the application, go to the section « My profile » and then « my bank cards », you can add one more new card and/or delete your current payment card.

In case of difficulty, contact us at infos@city-bird.com and we will call you back to give you a help.

Do you keep my credit card informations ?

Our banking service (Adyen) encrypts the data of your credit card and gives us a code number associated with it. For the sake of security and confidentiality, we do not have access to your bank details.

For the booking of a trip, a debit authorization is sent to your bank to verify the validity of the payment card associated with your account. This authorization does not in any way correspond to a withdrawal.

In the case of a reservation made more than 7 days in advance, several requests for authorization are made.

As a reminder, the debit of your credit card is done once the trip is over.


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