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1st certified motorcycle taxi company ISO 9001

Quality & maximum safety

As a pioneer in the sector, Citybird has grown at an average annual rate of 50% since its creation. With a fleet of 60 motorcycles and more than 300 cars that can handle up to 500 transfers a day, quality of service is paramount to maintain the safety and loyalty of its customers. Citybird has chosen to go even further than the regulation voted in October 2010 to regulate the profession and raise the quality requirement to all its internal processes

A process for each key service sector

In this context and with the help of specialized consultants, Citybird has created a complete system of internal processes to ensure optimal quality of service and constant improvement of its service to its customers

Responsible quality guarantor of respect and monitoring of the processes

In order to monitor its ISO 9001 quality system, Citybird uses an independent consultant, specialized in certification who has helped Citybird to implement its various quality procedures. Its independence guarantees the impartiality and therefore the maintenance of a rigor on all the quality processes of Citybird.

Powerful tools

Measure and improve the quality of service

A fully geolocated fleet for optimum reactivity. Tools for control, tracking of journey and return of satisfaction

Punctuality criterion of reference

While punctuality appears to be obvious for passenger transport service, it is not always easy to deliver. Delays in flights, trains, changes in routes or exceptional traffic conditions can affect our planning.

If you are traveling by Moto Taxi or Maxi Scooter, Citybird offers you a punctual guarantee (see Maxi Scooters an Moto Taxis rates).


Already recognized by professionals

The biggest French companies as well as business travel professionals are users of our service. In addition Citybird has been awarded the “Business Travel Trophy” as a reward for its quality of service. Using the services of Citybird, choose the ISO 9001 quality.


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