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How to reach Orly Airport from the Gare de Lyon?

Getting around quickly from stations in intramural Paris to airports in the suburbs can be complicated. For example, if you are at the Gare de Lyon and wish to take a flight from Paris-Orly Airport, there must be at least two changes in public transport for a total duration of 50 minutes (without disruption).    

The scooter or motorcycle are modes of transport better suited to the urban environment than the car. You save precious time by saving yourself from stress.  


La RATP propose plusieurs itinéraires en transports en commun. Ils se composent tous d’au moins 2 correspondances. Pour effectuer le trajet de la manière la plus rapide (soit 50 min. sans perturbations sur les lignes), comptez un budget total de 13,90€. En effet, Il faut compter 1,90€ le ticket, en tarif normal, pour le trajet jusqu’à Montparnasse puis 12€ le ticket Orlybus pour arriver à l’aéroport d’Orly.   

By choosing to order a taxi or a VTC, you will save a few minutes but just as much risk of finding yourself stuck in traffic. If you are making the trip during rush hour or if a traffic jam has formed on the road due to an accident for example.  

Moto-taxi: a reliable and fast mode of travel in the Paris region

Do you want to waste time and be sure of having your flight? it’s best to use a completely different form of transportation: motorcycle taxi. This will avoid getting stuck in the traffic jams, which are common in Paris and around the capital.

Citybird, the benchmark for motorcycle taxis in Paris, brings you a fast and reliable solution for this journey. Our fleet is made up of professional drivers, handpicked, and trained in the trade for several years.  

All our vehicles can take cabin baggage weighing less than 12 kilos. In case you have a bulky baggage or more than 15 kilos, this is not a problem, we will send you a suitable motorcycle. It will suffice to notify it when placing the order. 

Note that it is possible to order immediately or in advance. Booking your race will ensure the availability of all our types of vehicles. 


Some price examples :  

  • Gare de Lyon - Orly by motorbike in Goldwing: 74 €
  • Gare de Lyon – Orly en scooter thermique : 59€  
  • Gare de Lyon – Orly en scooter électrique : 45€  
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