gare du nord la defense

Gare du Nord – La Défense in motorcycle taxi  

12 km long, the journey between the Gare du Nord and the activity area of ​​ La Défense is a well-known route businessmen who travel to Paris. The journey can take between 25 minutes and 1 hour 10 minutes by car, depending on the time of day.

The motorbike or scooter: an alternative to the car for getting around Paris.   

You are currently at Gare du Nord. Imagine that you have an important meeting, a business lunch at La Défense that you cannot miss? Transport on two wheels may be a solution for you.   

Taking a motorcycle taxi to get around is choosing a fast, reliable mode of transport, and above all more suited to the often congested urban areas. The car, which was originally invented to move faster, no longer seems to be a suitable mode of transport for crossing a metropolis. Imagine the frustration you might feel if you were stuck in traffic for more than an hour.  

If you want to avoid the emergency situation, you can book your driver in advance and thus anticipate your trip serenely. 

CityBird is one of the best motorcycle taxis services in Paris and the Ile de France.   

En taxi-moto, vous gagnez un temps non négligeable sur votre planning en évitant les embouteillages. L’algorithme de CityBird calcule une durée de trajet maximum de 35 minutes entre la Gare du Nord et La Défense. Notons que ces 35 minutes comprennent le temps d’équipement au moment de la prise en charge et de la dépose. En effet, le chauffeur aura avec lui l’équipement nécessaire (casque, paire de gants, veste, kit hygiène) pour voyager sereinement et en toute sécurité.   

At CityBird, all pilots hold an all-risk insurance contract, specific to the transport of persons for a fee on a motorcycle. Travel serenely, our drivers are carefully selected, they hold the professional card for transporting people on 2 or 3 wheels.   

Our fleet is made up of different vehicles:   

Choose the vehicle that suits you best, in any case you will go twice as fast as by car.

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