gare montparnasse orly

How to get from Montparnasse train station to Orly?

The motorcycle taxi: the alternative to taxis and VTC for a fast and safe journey

To travel the 16 kilometers which separate them, there is a mode of transport faster than the taxi or the VTC: the motorcycle taxi. Our motorcycles and scooters will allow you to cover the distance in 22 minutes on average, behind our professional drivers. In this, the motorcycle taxi offers an interesting user experience for those who no longer wish to waste time on their trips. The car trip can take up to 50 minutes if the traffic is heavy, during rush hour or in case of road accidents, for example.    

Nos chauffeurs partenaires chez CityBird, avec lesquels nous travaillons depuis plusieurs années, sont tous des professionnels du transport de personnes en deux roues. Ils ont, d’une part, une bonne connaissance géographique de la capitale et sont habitués à rouler dans le trafic parisien.    Grâce au moto taxi, l’expérience pour le passager est unique : pouvoir rouler en sécurité, sans le stress de rater son avion, tout en optimisant son emploi du temps. Nos chauffeurs fournissent les équipements de sécurité et des protections en cas de mauvais temps, seront mis à votre disposition une veste, une jupe protectrice, des gants et un casque.   

The motorcycle taxi, a reliable and fast way to travel between Paris and the suburbs

Citybird offers several ranges of vehicles for the journey between Gare Montparnasse and Orly Airport. The first type of vehicle is the BMW C-volution electric scooter, for 39 euros, a silent and ecological vehicle. Then by thermal scooter, we offer the Burgman 650, at a price of 55 euros. Finally, a last option is possible by choosing the Goldwing motorcycle for optimal comfort at 70 euros each way.

Regarding our baggage policy, you can carry cabin baggage weighing less than 12 kilos in addition to a small bag (handbag or briefcase type). However, traveling with bulky luggage is possible, just check the option when booking a Goldwing motorcycle for an additional 15 euros.

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