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Gare de Lyon - Gare de l'Est in motorcycle taxi


How to get to Gare de Lyon from Gare de l'Est?   


It is not uncommon for SNCF to offer connections between Parisian stations with a somewhat short period of time between two trains. For example, if you have less than 30 minutes of beat to make the connection between the Gare de Lyon and the Gare de l'Est, this may not be sufficient in some cases. Connecting between two Parisian stations can then become stressful, even more when you come to Paris from time to time, for professional reasons.    

Do not try the devil, especially as disruptions can occur on the metro or RER lines or heavy traffic can slow down bus traffic. Warning signs, passenger accidents, power outages, are all reasons that can prevent metro lines from operating normally.   

It takes 20 minutes to get from Gare de Lyon to Gare de l'Est using lines 5 and 1 with a change at Bastille station. It is also possible to take bus line 65 for an approximate journey time of 30 minutes.   

By car, the route estimates are approximate. They strongly depend on the state of traffic in the capital at the time you have your connection. In other words, the journey can take 15 minutes as well as 35 minutes, depending on the vagaries.  


For how long in motorcycle taxi?   


The motorcycle taxi is two to three times faster than conventional VTC or taxi services. If you suspect that the time interval between your two trains is too tight, going to either station by scooter or motorbike may be the solution. Traffic jams are frequent in the capital, choose Citybird, a motorcycle taxi driver service, to avoid them and arrive at your destination in 16 minutes at any time.    

Citybird, literally the bird of the city, is aptly named. Reference taximoto in Paris and Ile de France, we are the first in the sector to have a double fleet, both thermal and electric. From the famous Goldwind motorcycle to the electric BMW maxi-scooter via the Burgman 650 scooter, different types of vehicles are available for the Gare de Lyon - Gare de l'Est train journey.  


Some price examples :  

Taxi Moto Gare de Lyon – Gare de l’Est : 16 minutes minutes / 45 euros 

Taxi Scooter Gare de Lyon – Gare de L’est : 16 minutes / 37 euros  

Taxi Scooter électrique Gare de Lyon – Gare de l’Est : 16 minutes / 23 euros  


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