Your motorcycle taxi at Gare de Lyon train station

Because it is the starting point for TGVs to the Mediterranean but also to snow-covered tracks, the Gare de Lyon is described as a "holiday station" but its high traffic is also linked to the development of TGV connections from major cities in the large south-eastern quarter, with Lyon and Marseille in mind? but also from Switzerland and Spain.

With an attractive pricing policy, short stays and business trips are facilitated and if the TGV connections bring you to Paris in less than 3 hours, it is of course not to then lose 1 hour in public transport.

By booking your motorcycle taxi in Gare de Lyon , you make the choice to optimize your journeys and spend as little time as possible in transport.

Do you think that public transport remains the benchmark in terms of practicality and budget? Professional meeting is associated with taxi? Do you hesitate on two wheels?

We can help you in your choice! 

Public transport without the view of Paris and when you have time

The Gare de Lyon is served by two metro lines (1 and 14) and two RER lines (A and D). Without taking into account the time it will take to buy transport tickets and without counting the vagaries of metro and RER traffic, it will take you on average 25 to 30 minutes to reach La Défense. At rush hour, lines 1 and RER A are crowded, do not expect a serene journey time and prepare to be hot!

If you are in transit and have to reach another station , plan to face the long corridors of Châtelet-Les Halles for the Gare de L'Est and Gare du Nord. Subways and RER remain an economical solution, certainly, but not recommended when you have a timed time and you need peace of mind.

10 bus lines serve the capital and the inner suburbs, an economical and ideal solution for enjoying beautiful views during your journey, provided that you are not in rush hour on a crowded bus. Despite reserved corridors, it is a solution to keep if you have time in front of you due to frequent stops.

Cars vs. motorcycles, the advantage of flexibility in ever denser traffic

You have associated taxi with comfort of transport and you are right, let yourself be transported and very pleasant until the moment when you will be overtaken by Parisian traffic and will see your journey time multiplied by two or more when you have to go through the center of the capital. Goodbye serenity and hello the counter which flies away without counting the risk of missing a train or plane connection if you have little room.

Combining the comfort of transporting a taxi with the flexibility of driving a 2-wheeler to ignore traffic jams, taking a motorcycle taxi at Gare de Lyon is a mode of transport already adopted by business customers known for its requirements:

    • Comfort thanks to vehicles chosen for their stability
    • Security thanks to full equipment, helmet, jacket, glove, raincoat and protective apron, boot covers, which will be given to you by your driver
    • Optimization of your time thanks to immediate support at your getting off the train
    • Direct route and guaranteed deadlines thanks to a team of experienced drivers who master traffic and Parisian maps

ISO 9001 certified and committed to the quality of our customer service, our team is waiting for you in a motorcycle taxi to facilitate all your trips.