Your motorcycle taxi at la Défense

La Défense is the leading business district in France and sees close to 500,000 people pass every day via Cœur Défense, the station which serves it via a RER station, 3 transilien lines, a metro line and 16 lines of bus.

What you may not know is that La Défense is divided into 15 districts marked by their emblematic towers like Coeur Défense, Reflections, D2, First or even Kupka and that some are far from a good twenty minutes walk from the Grande Arche metro exit.

Advantage of your professional meetings, the reservation of a motorcycle taxi in La Défense v allows you to move easily and quickly.

If you hadn't already thought about it, here's why make motorcycle taxi your preferred mode of transportation.

Because public transport and cars are not always your friend

You arrive in Paris via a train station or an airport, you will need at least 35 to 45 minutes to reach the Grande Arche of La Défense with one or two changes to the metro and RER and once there you will have to reach your meeting place on foot and you just have to look at the map of the business district to realize that this solution is far from being the most practical to arrive serenely at an appointment - even if it remains the most economical.

You have chosen the taxi, you will gain in transport comfort and be dropped off directly at your meeting place but in addition to a possible wait in the queue of taxis, you will have to deal with Parisian traffic which often turns out to be nightmarish during rush hour, removing your control of time and your budget.

The usual time of around thirty minutes to connect Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport to La Défense and vice versa can thus double or even triple.

Reaching the main Parisian stations takes, outside peak hours and traffic hazards, on average 25 minutes and can go to 50 minutes without you being able to control them.

Because on two wheels, La Défense becomes practical and accessible

Particularly suitable for business customers and professional meetings, the motorcycle taxi is:

  • A journey time and a set fare set when you book to allow you to organize,
  • An application which allows you to manage the parameters of your races and to follow your driver,
  • Direct pick-up when you get off the train or plane pour un temps de trajet optimisé par la souplesse de conduite du 2 roues qui ne reste pas bloqué par les embouteillages,
  • The possibility of reserving your motorcycle taxi for the half day or the day if you have several meetings in the business district and in Paris before taking the train or plane,
  • The provision of equipment ? safety helmet, protective jacket and gloves, raincoat, long apron and overboots? which allows you to arrive serenely at all your appointments whatever the weather conditions,
  • A fleet of vehicles chosen for comfort and stability to ensure the passenger a pleasant journey even if he is not a biker.

By optimizing your travel time as well as your budget, you give yourself the best conditions to arrive stress-free at your appointments and can enjoy a Parisian terrace before leaving the capital.